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Help desk teams miss 90% of all customer conversations. Why? Because customers are using 35+ digital channels to talk about your company and what they need from you — and they’re expecting you to listen and respond.

“It allows us to get to the heart of trends and shed light on insights that are otherwise hard to unpack.”

Sneha Jain

Global Social Data Intelligence Manager, McDonalds

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"Today, digital transformation is changing relationships with consumers, giving them an unlimited amount of purchasing choices. In this world, it’s even more crucial to effectively reach and engage our customers"

Lorenzo Bertelli

Head of Marketing, Prada Group

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Understand what drives customer service success — and get more out of your teams every single day.

Now you can show up where your customers are — and make them happier.

  • Discover how AI-powered listening on the digital channels your customers prefer can help you get a head start on customer care.

  • Learn how to power IVR deflection via AI-powered chatbots, reducing your call volume and live agent costs.